Uncovering opportunities in operational data

Our Roundtables give you the aggregated benchmark data you need to better understand the industry landscape. For companies looking to go even deeper, we offer additional ways to interrogate your data and monitor performance on an ongoing basis:

Executive Dashboard – Data Monitoring

Ongoing performance data is more critical than ever. But business silos get in the way. We developed a solution that breaks down those barriers and puts cross-functional data right at your fingertips. From collections and recovery to customer service and fraud, our Executive Dashboard makes monitoring complex performance data simple.

Reporting made easier.

One source for enterprise data, with an interactive, visual view of your company’s performance over time. Each period, you’ll receive easy-to-disseminate reports that help functional areas plan future action.

Flexible, customizable platform.

Select a personalized set of metrics, peer groups, and calculation methodologies to answer your specific business questions.

Data Visualization.

Straightforward visuals make it easy to see where your company is outperforming and under-performing – giving you faster speed to insights.

Analysts at your service.

While the data you need is right at your fingertips, users can collaborate with Auriemma advisors to deep-dive into results and root cause analysis.

Reporting packages that deliver real insights

Custom Reporting – Data Interrogation

Your data tells a story about your operations. We can bring it to light and help uncover opportunities. Whether you’re a startup entering the market or an established player looking to stay on the cutting edge, we’ll work with you to design a reporting package that delivers real insights.

The process is simple: A team of Auriemma data specialists will design a report for your specific needs.

Examples of our custom reporting include:

  • In-depth analysis of specific performance metrics
  • Top-line performance comparison for senior management
  • Impact assessment of changes in business strategy

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