At Auriemma, we believe in a higher form of business intelligence. One that goes beyond reports and KPIs and gives companies the tools they need to achieve new standards for performance.

Uncovering opportunities in operational data

Our roundtables connect top companies with the right people and data to help them optimise business practices, maximise efficiency, and navigate complexity.

The result for members? Solutions that work for them, measurable ROI, and a roadmap for the future.

  • Benefits

    Auriemma Roundtables give you the information you need to optimize your business. See how the industry’s deepest business intelligence network works.

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  • Offerings

    Roundtables offer members access to a community of their peers. Together, we discuss the most critical issues facing the industry. In-person meetings are supplemented with ongoing benchmarking and ad hoc surveys that provide a constant feedback loop and enable members to improve results.

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  • Insights

    Read our press releases to explore our latest data and analysis.

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